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Individual Counseling
Safe Shelter of St. Vrain Valley offers individual counseling to victims of intimate partner abuse. Our one-on-one meetings offer confidential, non-judgmental support. Counseling is offered in Spanish and English.

What to expect during individual sessions:

  • A non-judgmental ear that listens.
  • Safety planning for those affected by abuse.
  • Exploring personal choices and options – clients are encouraged to make their own decisions – the intention is for clients to feel empowered.
  • Gaining a greater understanding of the impact of domestic violence on families.
  • Reviewing the red flags of an abusive relationship and using a person’s specific experiences as a guide.
  • Exploring self-esteem and setting personal boundaries.
  • Advocacy and support in the court and social services systems.
  • Referrals to community resources.

When a client comes to Safe Shelter for counseling they can expect the advocate to accept and validate their experience. Crisis intervention and continuing counseling are available. The first visit to Safe Shelter entails a 50-minute appointment, when a victim completes paperwork and talks with a advocate. A client’s specific needs are matched to the different services at Safe Shelter. If a particular service is not offered by Safe Shelter, an appropriate referral is made.

For more information or to make a appointment, please call Safe Shelter’s administration line at 303.772.0432.

24-Hour support is provided by Safe Shelter’s 24-Hour Crisis Line at 303.772.4422.

Support Groups
Safe Shelter of St. Vrain Valley offers group counseling to people who are victims of domestic abuse. Our groups allow people to come together and give one another support and validation by sharing their experiences. Support groups can be a truly empowering and liberating experience. Group counseling is offered in Spanish and English.

The benefits of receiving support from a group are:

  • Connecting with a community of others
  • Breaking the isolation that a victim often endures
  • Acquiring knowledge about domestic violence
  • Experiencing validation and support from other individuals who understand
  • Getting decision-making strength from one another

Please Call 303.772.0432 to find out what groups are currently being offered.

The following rules apply to all groups held at Safe Shelter:

  • Respect other group members by being on time
  • Come sober
  • Treat others and yourself with respect
  • Deal with anger or conflict in a safe, nonviolent way
  • One person speaks at a time – no cross talk
  • Do not speak for another
  • Be accountable for what you say
  • Comply with the group confidentiality agreement*

 *Safe Shelter strongly enforces confidentiality between all clients who attend a group. If any client compromises the confidentiality of any group or group member, that client will be terminated from all Safe Shelter services.

Please note that there is a formal intake or consultation process for all new clients who want to participate in any group held at Safe Shelter. For more information about groups, to set up an initial intake appointment, or to inquire about registration for Support Groups please call Safe Shelter’s administration line at 303.772.0432.

Advocates work directly with victims of domestic violence to address all areas of concern. Our ultimate goal is to support victims in their search for self-sufficiency. The Advocates can be an important information resource for victims of domestic violence. The Advocate develops individualized plans, which the client agrees to carry out.

The Advocate helps with the following:

  • Individual Assessment: By asking, the “right” questions and reviewing the client’s file, the Advocate better understands the client and gains her trust.
  • Goal-Setting: This consists of setting goals and objectives through collaboration and the victim’s input.
  • Ensure success: The client must learn to take one step at a time if they are to achieve their personal goals.
  • Referrals and Resources: Help from the community is necessary for the client’s success. The Advocate suggests referrals and resources.

Information and Referrals
We provide information and referrals to all victims of domestic violence who seek services from the Safe Shelter of St Vrain Valley. Before services are provided a formal intake or consultation is conducted during which the client’s needs are matched with available in-house services. During this initial consultation we educate the client about specific concepts of domestic violence, including the power and control wheel, the equality wheel, substance abuse, and the need for a protective order, etc. We may also work with clients to develop an appropriate safety plan. We find out if the client has other specific service needs and formal referrals by the Advocate may be appropriate and are always discussed with the client before any referral is made.

Financial Help
We find that many victims of domestic violence lack the freedom to monitor and manage their own economic situation and need some orientation. Upon request, we provide information about:

  • Re-establishing your credit
  • Your credit rating
  • Your rights regarding creditors
  • Checking and savings accounts
  • Balancing a checkbook
  • Budgeting
  • Savings and investing

Transitional Housing
The Safe Shelter helps individuals and families in transition achieve self-sufficiency by providing temporary transitional housing and support services. We work with participants to ensure their success in becoming independent individuals.

The Transitional Housing Program includes:

  • Advocacy for clients in transitional housing programs sponsored by other agencies
  • Advocacy for clients in Shelter Plus, Safe Shelter’s transitional housing program
  • Coordinating housing resources
  • Education and referrals
  • Development of service plans for the client
  • Monitoring progress toward goals and objectives developed by the client and Advocate

The goals of the Transitional Housing Program are to:

  • Address the unique needs of each family and individual participant
  • Help the participant reach the highest level of independence and personal responsibility
  • Successfully connect clients to resources that support positive life choices
Advocates work directly with victims of domestic violence to address all areas of concern. Call 303.772.0432
Your donations make it possible for Safe Shelter to provide protection, intervention and support to individuals affected by domestic abuse.
Act as an advocate against domestic violence: provide support for victims in addition to educating the community.
Safe Shelter provides safety, support and resources to individuals affected by domestic abuse. We promote empowerment through direct services and community education, advocating for the right of every individual to live a life free of intimidation, exploitation and abuse.

Our vision is provide the tools to empower our community to break the cycle of domestic violence. To stay focused on this vision, we are guided by values that define us. Those values include:

  • Treat All with Dignity & Respect.
  • Accomplish Results through Competence and Creativity.
  • Offer Support and Opportunity.
  • Manage Activities with Proper Regard to the Rights of Others.
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