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Androgyny - the state of being neither particularly masculine nor feminine, or of being ambiguous. From the Greek meaning literally man-woman

Ally - person who is accepting and supportive of the GLBTQ community

Bi or bisexual - someone who is attracted to both males and females

Closet - Gays who are not public about being gay are said to be "in the closet."

Coming out - to become aware of and disclose one's sexual preferences and identity. To exit the closet by becoming openly queer

FTM – Female to Male, referring to a person who is Trans

Gay – homosexual, particularly a male. That is, a person whose primary erotic, psychological, emotional, and social orientation is towards members of the same sex.

GLBTAQ - acronym for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Allied and Queer

Heterosexism - the belief that heterosexuality is superior to homosexuality or bisexuality, or the tendency to assume that everyone is heterosexual

Heterosexual - a straight person sexually oriented to persons of the opposite sex.

Hir - the transgender pronoun equivalent to him or her and his or hers

Homo - a gay person, short for homosexual (offensive)

Homophobia - an irrational hatred or fear of homosexuality, the fear of the possibility of homosexuality in oneself, or self-loathing toward one's own homosexuality

Homosexual - a gay person sexually oriented to persons of the same sex. That is, a person whose primary erotic, psychological, emotional, and social orientation is towards members of the same sex.

LGBT - an acronym for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender - At times, a Q will be added for 'Queer' and/or 'Questioning', an A for 'Ally', and/or a TS for 'Two Spirit'.

Lesbian - a homosexual woman - The word derives from the Greek island of Lesbos, where the poetess Sappho ran a school for young women, and wrote often erotic poetry about love between women. She is considered by many lesbians to have been a lesbian, although she was married and had children.

Out - 1) publicly known as queer, sometimes modified with "very" 2) known as queer to close friends and/or blood family 3) acknowledgement to oneself that one is queer

Outed - having it announced publicly that one is queer by someone other than oneself, usually when one would rather stay in the closet.

Omni sexual - someone who is sexually attracted to people of all sexes

Partner - term for one's husband, wife, or companion - used in describing straight or gay relationships.

Queer - gay, lesbian, bisexual, omni sexual, pansexual, transgender, or transsexual; Originally a derogatory slur, it has recently been reclaimed by some to be an inclusive word for all of those within the sexual minority community. Because of the original derogatory nature of the word, it is not necessarily accepted by all.

Trans - a catch-all term for anyone crossing gender or sex boundaries (transgender, transsexual, transvestite, etc.). Capitalized when referring to the community in general by those who view it as an ethnic designation similar to African American or Jewish

Transfag - a gay FTM

Transgender(ed) or TG - 1) anyone who crosses gender boundaries, including, but not limited to, transsexuals and transvestites 2) a person who lives mostly or completely in the gender not associated with their birth sex, but who does not identify as a transsexual.

Transsexual or TS - a person whose birth sex is viewed as incorrect or incompatible with their image of theirself, and who takes steps (including but not limited to physical and/or hormone therapy, and surgery) to make their outer self match their self-identification.

Transvestite or TV - anyone who regularly dresses in clothing associated with the opposite gender or sex. Some people cross-dress for pleasure; others have other reasons. A Trans person is often considered a transvestite by mainstream culture, while s/he theirself may find their clothing perfectly suitable for one with their self-image.

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