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Safe Shelter offers an integrated, comprehensive system of programs and services to address the needs of victims of domestic violence.

Safe Shelter professional staff work the 24-Hour Crisis Line, in both English and Spanish, providing victims of domestic violence support and referrals to the Shelter Program, law enforcement, our counseling staff or to other providers in the community.

The Shelter Program offers women in violent and abusive relationships sanctuary and safety, education about the dynamics of domestic violence, information about their rights, time to build strength and develop a plan of action, referrals to community resources, and support in achieving personal goals. The Shelter Program provides children with a safe place to talk and the tools to build self-esteem.

The Outreach Program provides in-person advocacy, law enforcement and criminal justice system coordination, individual and support group counseling, transitional housing case management, and domestic violence and victim’s rights information. Trained counselors provide peer counseling in individual and group settings and case management to women victims of domestic violence. Women are assisted in developing realistic safety plans, building self-esteem and enhancing their own strengths through supportive services and referrals.

Safe Shelter’s Children's Program focuses on breaking the intergenerational cycle of abuse, by teaching children non-violent ways of communication and providing a safe place for children to address the impact of the violence they have witnessed. In both group and individual settings with counselors, children are taught non-violent conflict resolution skills, ways to stay safe during violent family outbursts and ways to find support in school and in the community.

Safe Shelter’s Legal Advocacy Program provides legal advocacy for victims and assistance with temporary and permanent protection orders.

Safe Shelter’s Community and School Education Program educates the community regarding domestic violence in a variety of forums. Information is provided on recognizing domestic violence, assisting those who are involved in violent relationships, addressing violence through alternative and preventative strategies, and community resources available to assist victims.

Advocates work directly with victims of domestic violence to address all areas of concern. Call 303.772.0432
Your donations make it possible for Safe Shelter to provide protection, intervention and support to individuals affected by domestic abuse.
Act as an advocate against domestic violence: provide support for victims in addition to educating the community.
Safe Shelter provides safety, support and resources to individuals affected by domestic abuse. We promote empowerment through direct services and community education, advocating for the right of every individual to live a life free of intimidation, exploitation and abuse.

Our vision is provide the tools to empower our community to break the cycle of domestic violence. To stay focused on this vision, we are guided by values that define us. Those values include:

  • Treat All with Dignity & Respect.
  • Accomplish Results through Competence and Creativity.
  • Offer Support and Opportunity.
  • Manage Activities with Proper Regard to the Rights of Others.
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